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What To Write in a Wedding Card | Less fill, More Thrill

What To Write In A Wedding Card

So, it’s that time, your cousin/brother/mother/uncle Joe/best friend or vague acquaintance is getting married, you’re lucky enough to have been invited, that’s all great and merry, I hope you have an awesome time, I hope you’re sat at the ‘fun’ table, but I digress, the question at hand right now? What do you write in a wedding card?!

Now, I’m going to go out on a limb here, I’m not going to throw you a list of every possible combination of meaningless and impersonal congratulations messages ever written, why? Because they are meaningless and impersonal. I know, I know, you’re reading this because you want a leg up, you’re seriously stuck for things to write. Instead of telling you what to write on a wedding card, I’m going to give you some food for thought, ideas to ponder in the hope that it may spark a moment of inspiration, heck, if it doesn’t there’s plenty of other blog posts listing bog standard messages to write in a wedding card.

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How Well Do You Know Em!

The level of closeness you have with the bride and groom will likely play a large role in what you write. Clearly, if you know the couple really well it will be a lot easier coming up with a personalised message, but even if you aren’t close, that still doesn’t mean you can’t let your own personality shine through.


Shine Like The Moon… Or Even The Sun!

Think about it, lets assume an average wedding has 80 guests, that’s at least 80 wedding cards the couple are likely to get. Do you think they will pay attention to 80 messages that all read “congratulations, we wish you all the happiness in the world and a wonderful future together”? No, they won’t. That card is on a fast track to the bottom drawer in the spare bedroom, card purgatory whilst it waits for its turn to be relegated to the recycle bin.

You see there’s this little nugget called social expectation, people, including you may immediately assume the expectation is to write a regular congratulations message, but why limit yourself?

What really shines through is when someone opens up, when they give you a piece of their personality. It’s your turn to shine when writing the wedding card. Give the couple a piece of your personality. If you’re funny, use it as an opportunity to express you sense of humour. Perhaps you’re philosophical? Give them a brief musing.

The point is it’s far better to think about who you are, and what you would say as opposed to what people expect you to say!


The Garden Path

Here’s a few things you can ponder which may lead you down the right track, as opposed to the garden path:

  • How long have you know them? If you saw the bride or groom grow up you can make reference to them as a child, something you remember about them and how great it is to have seen them grow as a person.
  • Are you married? Perhaps you can relay a small anecdote, something you’ve learnt through your own marriage.
  • Are you really close to them? It may be the perfect occasion to take a small dig at them or tease them, just follow up with something warm and let them know that you’re happy/proud/excited or otherwise.
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Practise Makes Parfict… Ahhh, Perfect

Now this may seem obvious, but if you’ve gone to the trouble of finding a wedding card which isn’t ridiculously cheesy the last thing you want to do is grab a pen a start scribbling your heartfelt message complete with spelling and grammatical errors. Grab yourself a piece of paper or write it on a computer first, this will allow you to craft your message. When you’re happy with what you’ve got it’s time to put the pen to the card.


Never Fear, Shakespeare’s Here

This is the perfect occasion to tap into your inner Shakespeare and write the couple a pretty little sonnet. Look, no need to set the bar too high, a cheeky little poem will stand out amongst the hoard of standard congratulatory messages.


Get Madonna On Them And Express Yourself!

If you’re excited, don’t be afraid to express yourself! Exclamation marks! Smiley faces, little drawings. Show them how you feel! If you write something that’s heartfelt or portrays genuine warmth and excitement it will come across… it will also mean a heck of a lot more than the typical best wishes.


Just Don’t Mention The Ex

Writing a wedding card isn’t the right time for this faux par, so don’t go and open a can of worms by mentioning and ex, a previous marriage or some random hookup you were privy to… just don’t do it!


Drop A Fiver

Ok look, this goes against everything I’ve just said, but if you really can’t be bothered coming up with anything personal but you still want your message to stand out there’s one more option. Jump on a website like Fiverr and pay someone a few dollars to write you a poem. Sure, it won’t be your words, but you never know what funny or amusing trollop they’ll come back with. Either way it’s bound to be more entertaining than a regular wedding card!


At the end of the day what it all comes down to is writing something that you genuinely want to say, something that reflects your personality and relationship with the couple. So stop Googling what to write, think about how you feel and write a dang wedding card!

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