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Awesome Photo Booth Props | Booth Boy Photo Booth Hire

Photo Booth Props

‘Props’ To Our Props

People often say to me, “you know what Booth Boy, we think your photo booth is sweet… but what we really wanna see is your props!”. Yes ma’am, multiple people have said that exact phrase, inclusive of ‘finger’ quotation marks of course.

Ok, so that may not be entirely accurate. Nevertheless people care about the quality of our photo booth props… lucky for you we do too!

In order to keep with our philosophy of KISSing… ahem, that’s Keeping It Simple Stupid…ing all our photo booth hire packages include a vintage suitcase full of props. There’s no need to pay extra for different prop packages and the best part is we’re on the hunt for new props constantly, so there’s always something new and exciting for you and your guests to play with!

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So, What Do I Actually Get?

A range of goodness to ensure you and your guests aren’t deficient in vitamin P! We are always acquiring and making new props, what you see on this page is to give you a feel for the kind of props that will be included with your photo booth hire package. We always bring along some staples, these are listed below.

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Stuff On Sticks

A photo booth wouldn’t be complete without and assortment of stuff on sticks, so you know what we did? We took stuff. We put it on sticks. Lips, Mo’s. Here we go!


We’ve sourced a range of cool masks suitable for covering anyone’s head. From rubber Kanye’s and poodles with mullets through to hipster rabbits and unicorns. Why? Because who doesn’t wanna be Kanye for 15 seconds?

Show Me A Sign!

Ok, our signs may not come from the heaven’s, but they are heavenly! We bring a bunch of signs along so you can express yourself! Our signs are’t cheap cardboard jobs though, we use the coolest signs we can find and even make some ourselves.


Whoaaa! Hold on, your guest won’t be glassing each other, they’ll be wearing interesting objects of the eye covering variety. Phew, I’m glad we got that out of the way, I could feel our insurance costs going up with every key stroke!


Vintage cameras, cool soft toys and a bunch of random objects that we think are ace!

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