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8 Tips For An Awesome Wedding Photo Booth | Booth Boy Photo Booth

Choosing An Awesome Wedding Photo Booth

There’s no doubt about it, your wedding day is one of the most significant days in your life, suffice to say, it would be a wasted opportunity not to capture photos of all your family and friends as they celebrate such a wonderful occasion with you. Wedding photo booth hire provides the perfect means by which to capture such photos, the relaxed, casual charm of a photo booth means you’ll get lots of snaps of everyone having fun and being themselves. Read on below for tips on how to select the right photo booth for your wedding.

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Closed vs open air photo booths? 

The traditional closed photo booth is a small box that guests step inside, it’s not uncommon to see these style booths in shopping centres and they still maintain a strong presence at weddings. On the positive side these booths are self contained and look quite neat sitting at the side of the room, unfortunately thats where the positives end. Closed photo booths are bulky and difficult to transport, this means that accessibility is a huge consideration and the booths can’t be brought into a lot of venues. This can be quite limiting and affect whether or not a closed photo booth is suitable for your wedding.

Open air photo booths on the other hand can be broken down and transported in lifts, up stairs and through narrow openings. An open air photo booth can be set up almost anywhere there is enough space and the increased mobility opens up a wealth of positioning options. Chat to your photo booth company about your venue and make sure you take accessibility into account.

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Picture quality

Traditional closed photo booths tends to have poor picture quality, there are a lot of booths out there which use a webcam to capture the images and the lighting is often less than flattering. Open air photo booths on the other hand are generally based around a professional DSLR camera and a professional studio flash. Image quality often far exceeds that which can be obtained from a traditional photo booth and the look is more akin to a professionally shot photograph. If picture quality is important to you we recommend choosing an open air photo booth.


The beauty of the open air photo booth is that there is a wealth of backdrop options. Most good open air photo booth companies will have a range of quality backdrops so you can select one which suits the look and feel of your wedding. Generally the options tend to be a little more limited with closed photo booths and it’s less common to see handmade backdrops which are popular today.

Number of people in an image

Closed photo booths are quite squashy inside, think of all the photo booth photos you see where a few people are squished together and you’ll get the idea. Open photo booths on the other hand offer a much larger backdrop, and because guests don’t need to step into a physical box a lot more people can fit in the photo. As a further perk, if you know you want large groups of people in the photos you can chat to the open air photo booth hire company and ask them to set it up to allow room for this, in doing so you may be able to fit 10-15 guests in a photo as opposed to the small handful that can squash into a traditional closed booth.

Choosing a suitable location

Make sure you allocate a suitable area for the photo booth hire company to set up their booth. Most booths require an area of at least 3×3 metres and it’s important to select a location where the photo booth won’t get in the way of other activities at your wedding. Generally most venues have an area off to the side where the photo booth backdrop can be placed against a wall and the set up won’t interfere with your evening. Remember, a good photo booth will become a form of entertainment at your wedding and there will be hoards of guests moving in and out of the area so it’s of utmost importance to take this into account an allocate a suitable area before the day of your wedding.

Attract a crowd

A really important part of a successful photo booth at your wedding is to encourage guests to visit the booth and take their picture. A great way of doing this is to ask the MC to make announcements over the course of the evening asking everyone to make their way through the booth at some point. This means you’ll get great photos of all your guests and they will have a great time in the process! Don’t forget to lead by example and head over to the photo booth with your new husband or wife… often guests will want a photo with you and will scramble over to the booth for one.

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Props are a huge part of why photo booths are so much fun, so pick a photo booth hire company that offers a range of high quality props for your guests to use. People love being able to dress up, slip on a mask and make silly gestures, the right props make your guests feel comfortable in doing so and allow them to be silly and let their hair down.

DIY photo booth

There are many reasons why hiring a photo booth may not be achievable for you, but this doesn’t mean you need to forego a photo booth and miss out on pictures of your guests. If you can’t hire a photo booth for your wedding the next best thing is to make your own. If you’re handy you can craft a hand made backdrop and buy a polaroid camera to photograph guests with. Whilst the quality certainly won’t match the best professional photo booths it’s still not a bad option and can lead to some fun and interesting photographs.

A second option is to buy a disposable camera for each table and ask that guests use it during the reception. This means you’ll get some interesting candid shots of your guests as a keep sake. Be prepared for a lot of dud images though as not everyone knows how to use a camera!

There you have it, we firmly believe a professional photo booth can add a fantastic vibe to your wedding, feature as a form of entertainment and capture some great images in the process. With any luck these tips will help you on the road to selecting the right photo booth for your wedding. Here at Booth Boy we offer photo booths in Newcastle along with the Hunter Valley and Sydney. So if you decide a professional photo booth is right for your wedding feel free to check our booths out, they’re kinda awesome!

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