The humble photo booth, synonymous with shopping centres, steadily but surely becoming a wedding mainstay… but corporate events? Hmmm. Guess what? We’re here to break the mold, rip the old fashioned photo booth out of the shopping centre, tear down the walls and tell you why you should have an open air photo booth at your corporate event. That’s right, YOU should have an open air photo booth at your corporate event. Here’s why.


Corporations are dull

Lets face it, the word corporation doesn’t conjure up images of fun, vibrant times, huge cheesy grins and workmate camaraderie, if anything the mere mention of a corporation sends people running from money driven, socially unaware motives and workers chained to their desks in a dreary 9-5 cycle. Your corporation may not be so unappealing, but regardless of whether you work in a dull oppressive office or a forward thinking company there is one sure fire way to make your parties and events better. Hire a photo booth.

How could it be so simple you ask? It’s easy, corporations are dull, photo booths are a world of fun and fantasy. The wealth of funky props helps get employees and guests out of their shell and breaks down any workplace boundaries, the photo booth is a perfect forum for adult shenanigans and a real bonding experience to boot. Before you know it people might even associate your corporation with fun times. Who’d of thunk it!


Break down the boundaries

As I  just touched upon corporate photo booth hire is the perfect way in which to break peoples boundaries down. The beauty of the photo booth lies in the props, from rubber horse masks to moustaches and Prince Harry cut outs, a well adorned photo booth can provide a cloak of anonymity. Sure, Marge from accounting might not say boo to a fly, but give her a horse mask to hide under and suddenly she’s doing the Macarena and posing like a gangsta. What better way to get to know your colleagues real personalities and build a connection between people from all walks of life.

There’s no I in team

There’s no I in corporate event photo booth either. Standing in a photo booth by yourself isn’t a whole lot of fun. The great thing about an open air photo booth is that guests can see the action… and trust me, they will want in! This means people who don’t know each other will soon end up pulling monkey faces with their arms wrapped around one another. It’s a great team building experience and we’ve seen new friends formed and employees unite through the shared experience.


Brand assosciation

If the image your corporation portrays to the public is one of fun, happy employees and guests having a great time it’s natural to assume the corporation they are associated with holds decent values and generally operates in a positive manner, after all, how could such happy looking people work for a terrible corporation? Branding of backdrops with your corporate logo is a great way to customise your event photo booth whilst creating a positive association with your brand at the same time. We recommend chatting to your photo booth hire company about branded backdrops and gaining some great marketing whilst having fun!

Good ol fashioned entertainment

If for no other reason it’s still worth hiring a photo booth for your corporate event simply because they are a heck of a lot of fun! A quality photo booth adds an exciting and dynamic vibe to your event and keeps guests entertained for hours… to throw a party right, throw one with a photo booth.

There you have it, a few reasons why hiring a photo booth for your corporate event is a great way to go! While you’re here have a look around, check out our photo booth hire or view my landscape photography.