Photo Booth Backdrops

At Booth Boy we offer the coolest range of photo booth backdrops on the market. All our backdrops are custom made to bring you a choice of styles, so take some time to get to know each one, wine them, dine them, take them out for the evening. The best part is if there’s nothing that you connect with feel free to chat to us about DIY backdrops, we love cool walls too, so if you’d like to use a wall at your venue we’re down with that.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, all these photos have been captured using our photo booth, what you see is what you’ll get, which, is stunning quality images!


The Pink Panther

A daimond in the rough this photo booth backdrop will have everyone looking fantastic. With it’s warm, inviting and classy nature The Pink Panther is sure to jazz up your life.



Officially approved by Sean Connery, smuggle this bedazzling number into your party for a sparkling good time! A top choice for weddings and events requiring a splash of class.



This contemporary little number will keep you looking cool like a Kanye.


Go Van Gogh, Go

Breaking news! Van Gogh was incredibly keen on photo booths! Yep, we weren’t aware either, and back then things moved a tad slower as every ‘photo’ was hand painted. We’re pretty sure if Van Gogh knew he was missing out on our photo booths he’d be seeing blue.


Venus De Milo

Officially approved by Aphrodite, the greek goddess of love and beauty. This warm number will have you looking like a goddess, heck, even I do and I’ve got a beard. Wrap your arms around this fine piece of marble today.


The Teal Deal

Looking for a refreshing sophisticated backdrop? Our teal number is the real deal.



A little bit 80’s. A whole lot of fun! Find your legacy as you transport yourself into the digital realm. You know, cause you’re getting your photo taken. What did you think we were talking about? This backdrop was designed in collaboration with Jeff Bridges, who excitedly proclaimed “I’d burn my bridges to be photographed in front of this thing”. Nice one Jeff.


Fifty Shades of Grey

Why settle for a single shade of grey when you can have fifty? A kinky blend of tones  this luscious backdrop provides the perfect palette to create your own story upon. Grab some props, take control, the camera is yours and this beauty won’t judge.



There’s a party in your expensive party related venue and everyone’s invited! Bubbly, vibrant and a whole heap of lip smacking’ fun. Rock on!


The Lime And The Coconut

Just what the Dr ordered… the lime and the coconut will ease your distress and whisk you off to a place of tropical goodness. Perfect for belly aches or a good old fashioned shindig it’s time to drink up and partay.


The Kitsch Cactus

Feelin’ sharp? So is this spikey little number. If you wanna throw a killer party in your Teepee look no further than the Kitsch Cactus. So much fun you’ll be seeing red.


Are You Sirius?

A cool 6.8 light years in the making this star of a backdrop will help you shine bright!


Strawberries And Cream

Sweet, juicy and berry delicious this bright number is the perfect evening indulgence. Bring a little joy to your palette.


Bermuda Triangle

Get lost is a sea of green and blue! Behold the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.


The Pac Is Back

Yep, he certainly is with our retro inspired, pastel Pacman backdrop. Perfect for 80’s themed events or those who want a little nostalgia in their lives. Bring the Pac back for some chompin’ good fun.