Open Air Photo Booths, They Kick Serious Boo-tay

Booth Boy open air photo booths are the way of the future. Imagine you and your friends are let loose in your own personal photographic studio! Forget visions of an old school photo booth you would see in the local mall, behind the vintage styling of Booth Boy photo booths lives a professional DSLR camera, studio lighting and a custom backdrop.

With a huge range of props you can let your imagination run wild and free… kind of like a giraffe… running in fear… as it’s chased to its death by lions… hmmm.



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Hi Tech at Heart

Despite their vintage exterior, our photo booths are based around an extremely hi tech setup. Making use of digital SLR cameras our aim is to provide the best image quality in the photo booth industry. Our booth is operated by guests via a touch screen. After tapping the screen the booth captures a series of 4 photographs, each with a 5 second countdown. The best part is, guests can see themselves posing in real time, so everyone knows that they’re standing in the right spot and pulling their best pose!

Our photo booths come with a lovely attendant to keep everything running smoothly, but don’t worry, we give you space to be yourself and step in to help out when needed.

Instant gratification is, well… gratifying! Our photo booths automatically print out two photo strips after each session, they can be custom branded to your wedding or event too.

People love how good they look in our photo booths, the reason why? Our lighting. We have the best. To make you look the best. Don’t settle for anything less!

You’ll receive a password protected online gallery after the event. All the high resolution print ready files are available to download whenever you fancy!

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Beauty. In a Dish.

The very term photography stems from Greek roots and translates to “drawing with light”. Quite simply, light is the essence of any photograph, it is the quality of light which sets one photograph apart from another, the quality of light which sets one photo booth apart from another. Here at Booth Boy our setup is designed by a professional photographer with over fifteen years experience and a host of industry awards. Our light source of choice is a studio flash featuring a beauty dish, a light modifier commonly used in beauty photography for its ability to create a lovely sculpted look with good contrast.

Here at Booth Boy we choose the beauty dish as it provides a lovely pop and dimension to your photographs and quite frankly makes everyone look… well… beautiful!

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Thanks for the photo booth, it was a real hit... we’ll be in touch for our next event

We love our photos!

Life is better in the booth. We pride ourselves on how much fun guests have in our photo booths, quite simply, they are a brilliant form of entertainment at any event, from weddings and birthday parties to corporate events our photo booths do more than capture memories, they create a vibe. The nature of the open air photo booth means other guests can see the action and get drawn into the experience. Get in touch to find out more and book your Booth Boy photo booth today.